Negotiation  Essentials

We  help  you  get  what  you  want . . .

John F. Kennedy

. . . even  when  your  counterpart  is  difficult.

Learn how to negotiate in a calm and centered way.


Learn assertiveness, cleverness, control, flexibility and compassion. These are the skills to be trained - every day.


Learn how to build a winning negotiation strategy in advance, as well as when and how to adapt it in a smart way to new circumstances.


Learn how to profit from your counterpart's needs.


Learn to keep a cool and alert mind which does not miss out on new oportunities.


Building your negotiation strategy.

Developing alternatives in advance.

Understanding what your counterparts really want. 

Dealing with tricky negotiation situations

Learning how to keep cool.

Influencing situations and people you don't control.

Learning about communication, including argumentation, interaction, anger control, offense and defense.

Learning how to say NO in a constructive and productive way. 


These skills will allow you to manage the negotiation, your counterpart - and yourself. 

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