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Daniel F. Boswell

Getting people to listen isn't always easy, but if they do, it can change their world.

I grew up on the Central Coast of California during the 70s and 80s, a shy and day-dreaming kid.

One of my heroes back then, (and still today), was Vin Scully, the smooth-talking radio voice of the LA Dodgers. Unlike any other sports commentator in my lifetime, Vin had the power to make every moment, even the pauses, of a baseball game come to life.

Vin would combine wonderful descriptions of the action on and off the field with the hard statistical data around which baseball is built. It filled my imagination and my heart. 

Funny and touching personal stories of the players and their lives, even how the weather was that day, brought life to each player's performance statistics. 

Fans would even listen to his radio broadcast while watching the game live at Dodger Stadium.

More than anyone, Vin gave me a love for great communication. How it makes the difference between listening and interest...or not. How combining storytelling with the hard data of baseball, could make the data memorable and more useful. How better communication leads to better engagement, and ultimately, better results. 

I'm certainly not the only fan whose life was changed in some way by listening to Vin season after season, but I'm not sure how many were so inspired that it shaped their career. 

For the last 25 years, we have been driven by the belief that if we can help people communicate in a way that gets their audiences to engage and want to give back, then they will get better results and change their world. 

My business partner and wife, Marion, and our team will continue to help our clients do just that.

Thanks, Vin.


Bachelor of Arts, History, at the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

Teaching English as a Second Language certification, focus on Communication, UCSB 


Marion Hager-Boswell

Born 1966 in Southern Germany; German


Apprenticeship in travel, tourism and event planning


Study of Law at the University of Tübingen


Worked internationally for multinational companies


English Certificate of Proficiency University of Cambridge


Continued training in a broad variety of areas


Founded BOSWELL in 2000 together with Dan Boswell. 


Since 2000 Managing and Creative Director of 

BOSWELL Management Communication Training GbR.


Since my early childhood days I have been attracted to language, reading hundreds of books, listening endlessly to audio books, mimicking dialects and being able to repeat entire past conversations by heart. The interest in conversation has just always been in me. 


During Law School this „hobby“ got a more serious meaning, because I came to the realization that one of the most challenging and vital aspects of law was its language. How do you understand this difficult language and how do you explain it to laymen?  How does one sort through a multitude of the most complex aspects of a case in order to come to one convincing argument that allows you to present it successfully to others?

It became clear to me how important good communication is and that it can change people’s lives. 


My knowledge about communication has been enriched through life, work and further education, e.g. in the areas of psychology and marketing. 


Entrepreneurship is in the family, so founding BOSWELL in 2000 felt necessary and right. It has allowed me to apply my talent and education to my work life, as well as my deep interest in helping people to enhance theirs lives.


My hobby became my work.

Marion and Dan live in the beautiful university town of Tübingen, Germany.  They have a wonderful son and rather hairy dog with whom they enjoy life immensely and who are ever so often a great inspiration for their life and work.